questions are asked, hopefully this will help answer 10% of them.

How do i go about hiring the camera?

Figure out what you want, and how long you need it. Then download the rental agreement and also the customer form. Fax, email or drop off the form signed.

Fill out the application form. We just require a form of ID from the person hiring i.e Drivers licence which we will need to verify in person and get a credit card as a bond. Standard Proccedure Paperwork.

Email or call us with what you need or what you want, and we can send you back a quote!

Can I service the camera Myself?

No. If you have any problems with the camera, call us and we will try and sort it out asap.

I Just want the filters for a day, or I just want the tripod. Can i hire them individually?

Short answer, No. But if you ask us and the wind is blowing in your direction, maybe...

I don't want some of the gear like the matte box, do you discount the price?

Call or email us and we will see what we can do!

If i refer someone to your rental, and they hire the camera, what do i get?

At Wonderworld, we believe that if you help us, we should help you. We offer a 10% discount on all rentals to you, for a period equal or less than the referrals hire.

I want the camera for longer, can i book it during shooting.

If the camera is available, you can book it. Otherwise it has to be returned minimum 24 hrs before the next hire.

What is the story with underwater use, strapping it to the front of flipping cars etc?

If you're going to put the camera underwater, you will need to provide extra insurance for the days its submerged. We dont want the camera meeting Poseidon...yet.

For most other circumstances, just take adequate care and make sure your not putting the camera in any 'high risk' situations i.e. nuclear meltdown.

How can I pay?

Credit card, or bank deposit. We only accept cheques from customers that have a record with us.

What is jason if he is not a human?

An Iron Mech, mostly Cogwork. He is not Eco-Friendly.